Dos and Don’ts of Link Building to Increase Your SEO Standing

SEO agency in SydneyOne of the building blocks of SEO is link building. With a healthy number of quality links, your search engine rankings can skyrocket. That’s why many unethical and unnatural ways to build links have surfaced over the years. It’s a good thing that Google has now adjusted their algorithm to penalise sites that do these.

To play a fair game and build links effectively for your website, here are some mistakes you should avoid doing:

Absence of a Link Building Strategy

First and foremost, you should have a link building strategy. Starting small is a much better idea than not starting at all. Link building doesn’t work like magic that will appear even if you’re not doing anything. You have to earn links to get links. This means creating meaningful, informative, and well-written content that will ultimately make you a more credible website. Once you gain credibility, you’ll earn more links that will benefit your SEO standing.

Paying or Exchanging Links

You could never get away with paying links because Google has a quality guideline that can detect them. Moreover, exchanging links with other websites in an unnatural way (not through quality content) can also get you penalised. Instead, work with your trusted SEO agency in Sydney to come up with great link building strategies that Google will honour. Some traps you shouldn’t fall victim to include:

  • Bloggers and webmasters that offer to sell backlinks on their websites
  • Automated and software generated backlinks
  • Text link ads without a ‘nofollow’ tag
  • Widget providers that promise a link exchange if you give them a backlink

In short, there’s only one solid, legitimate, and approved way of getting real backlinks, and that is through creating high-quality content. That doesn’t include press releases and article marketing that are also paid and can affect your site negatively. If you’re not sure about your link building strategies, better hire an SEO agent to work with.