Doing Promotions Right: Focus on Emotion, Not on Compensation

3x3 Marquee TentCasual promotion has always been putting products, company logos and all sorts of graphics in front of the customer. It is an effective means of showing off, sure, but in terms of making a mark, it lags behind solid advertising. There can only so much an image can do, which is also why promotions have become more about the soul than the senses.

At an event, there is always the challenge to stand out. Given that competition is around trying to get the attention of the same potential customers, everyone will try to one-up each other. It is a given rule in marketing terms, but there is no need to resort to cheap tricks or defamation. Having the right promotional products can make all the difference, bringing in the attention that translates to more business.

Choices Matter

In many cases, the right choice in terms of promotional product supplier is the one who can deliver. There is no doubt that any reputable option can supply the products on time, but in some situations, it matters more. Take Indigenous Promotions, for example. They are a government supplier, which means that they are as reliable as they come. But more than that, choosing them means opting out of mass-produced goods and supporting the local.

Messages are necessary in promotion, but the kind of message a business sends with this kind of partnership has the potential to appeal to customers in a much deeper level—a home run by today’s standard. Nevertheless, there is still the matter of creating the right directive. Being creative will help in this regard, and while utilising unorthodox techniques are risky, it is exactly what people are looking for: something different.

Maximising Appeal

Retractable Pull Up BannerIt never hurts to promote to gain more outright sales, but rather than opting for blunt tactics, consider the idea that it may pay more dividends to try something wiser. Alliteration, as one study found, piques purchaser curiosity better than the humdrum ‘For Sale’ signs. So, it may be a good idea to spend a few hours playing around with words to come up with the right message to go with the graphics. Even better, the study went on to say that alliteration can be so effective that there is no need to lower prices.

One more reason to aim for a deeper connection is that it is cheap. While cheap is not the study’s aim, one entry in the Journal of Consumer Research suggests that going for the emotion is more effective than hiring a celebrity. For many businesses, that would mean saving hundreds to thousands of dollars earmarked for a famous guest. There are certain emotions connected to certain actions, and to establish the right kind of feeling for a product/entity is a primary component of identity-based marketing. In another study about celebrity endorsements, a major university from the United Kingdom deemed it ‘ineffective’.

The main thing to remember is that subtlety works much better than full-on promotions. Consumers have become wiser and they like what they like, and it is not always about what they see first. As mentioned before, it is more about the soul than the senses.

In this day and age, it pays to adapt to modern methods. It may be a little challenging for old timers and traditionalists, but it can make a difference. These are only a few reminders when working with promotional items, but they do set a good start for an event to be a marketing success.