Defining and Differentiating Cosplaying and LARPing

Costume Rental in DenverEver see one of your favorite TV characters walk down the street for some coffee? By chance, did you pass by a small crowd of wizards, elves, and goblins discussing how their fight is going to end? If so, then you may have encountered cosplayers or LARPers. But did you know that they are distinctly different from each other?

Knowing the Difference

Cosplay – Short for costume play, this phenomenon which has affected media, print, the Internet and events. Thanks to modern technology and social media, video games, cartoons, anime, films and literary creations have inspired many people to don the likeness of their favorite characters and proudly parade in that form. Cosplaying is now considered a cutthroat art form where cosplayers compete and even garner the most attention from fans, creators, and followers of a particular genre or character.

LARP – Live action role playing is much older than cosplay. Instead of participating in conventions, where costumes are expected, LARPing is more akin to an actual production or play. Specifically, it is the reenactment of particular scenes in movies, TV shows, or a tabletop game. Sometimes, it’s meant to present the story to an eager fan-based audience.

What Makes Them Exciting

Both are offshoots of theatricality and performance. They require preparation and an extensive knowledge of people skills, making of props and costumes, and the character they portray. Many famous cosplayers and LARPers even go to the gym, get a tattoo, or color their hair, so they can be believable representations of their character. Authenticity is the key so if you need to visit Denver costume rental stores for an accurate outfit then, by all means, do so.

Both genres are an inspiration to many people who aren’t comfortable in their own skin. It gives them a chance to be someone they admire or to be admired. It’s also good, clean fun that can give fame and fortune for the individuals who take the craft seriously.