Criminal Records Checking for Fostering and Adoption

Criminal Records Checking for Fostering and Adoption Congratulations. You’ve decided to foster or adopt a child. As part of that process, you will be required to have a criminal record check. You can make the process easier by submitting it easily online.

You’ve decided to give the gift of family to a child who hasn’t had the best start in life, whether you’re taking them in to provide respite to their parents or becoming their forever home.  Children with challenging backgrounds need amazing people like you to help them begin a new and positive chapter and it’s important that they are placed with the right family.  That’s why criminal records checks are so vital.

Criminal History Checks

Criminal history checks are sought in a variety of situations, including:

  • When you apply for a new job working with children, security, driving and some other professions
  • If you want to work abroad
  • If you are adopting or fostering a child, even if that child is a step-child.

Submit Your Application Fast

Completing a criminal history check used to involve visiting a police station, filling out forms and waiting to receive the necessary paperwork but now, thanks to the internet there is a modern, faster way to get your records.  You can get an online criminal background check trough Fast Police Checks.

You can verify your ID online via your webcam, so there’s no need for printing anything or the inconvenience of posting.  You can complete your check in the click of a few buttons from your home laptop computer, desktop or even on your iPad or mobile phone.  Your police check results will be sent within hours, so you don’t have to keep the adoption agency waiting.

All documentation is fully accredited. You can have confidence that your criminal records check is as legitimate as the local police station.

To get one step nearer to becoming a new family, visit the website for more details.