Creating an Effective Table Top Display for Your Tradeshow Event

Effective Table Top DisplayHow do you maximise your impact on a tradeshow? It is not just about flashy tech or expensive incentives and giveaways. It is about creating an experience for attendees that makes your brand engaging and memorable. Effective and consistent repetition of your logo and custom colours may create that experience.

The best place to start is your tradeshow table top display. It makes room for all the elements to work together to project an image that is both captivating and immersive. Although often seen an afterthought, tradeshow table cloths are the crowning touch to your booth design.

According to Dynamic Gift NZ, custom printed table cloths promote your brand in a way that is subtle, yet vibrant. And with the right finish, they’re the centrepiece of your exhibit, separating you from the rest. Table cloths also allow you to use every valuable square inch of your space while creating a lasting visual impression.

So, how do you make a standout table top display for your next event?

Be ready to compete

Table cloths are available in a multitude of styles. Focus on the design that best suits your event. If you can, identity the styles and designs that others will be using so you know what you’re competing with. Will the event primarily have smaller briefcase style displays or larger, modular ones with full-colour graphics? Make sure yours can compete in either environment. Remember, your table display can either serve as a workhorse or a show pony depending on how you dress it.

Prioritise the overall visual

You have about four seconds to catch the attention of someone walking by. This is not the place for a lacklustre or mediocre display.

Take the time to create the graphics that not only wow, but also convey your brand’s message. The most effective tradeshow displays typically feature large images which tie into an overall message. These images usually come with a company logo and a tag line.

When creating your message, try to build tag lines emphasising the most important points of your specific advertising campaign or overall brand message. Don’t overwhelm your prospects with large-block texts and bullet points. Your table top display is more of a billboard than a brochure.

Remember to focus on the colours you’ll be using. It’s one of the most important ways to capture the energy and emotions that your brand wants to evoke.

Tradeshow EventMinimise the clutter

Limit any additional materials to the most important items. Clear your table of anything that may distract attendees from your display, such as brochures and flyers. Finally, keep any unnecessary clutter out of view.

Maximise the rest of your booth space

You have set up the perfect table cloth display. It has sophisticated, standout graphics, with a clear brand messaging. Now, take full advantage of every inch of your booth space. Consider using a lightweight banner stand or a supplementary literature display to share company information without the additional clutter.

The tradeshow competition is fierce. But with the right table top display, you’re getting the promotional aid you need.