Craigieburn: A Successful Suburban Melting Pot

Craigieburn is one of the fastest-growing suburbs around Victoria. This rapid pace of growth has led to mHappy family with a popcorninor complications and problems along the way — but government projects and programs have managed to deal with most issues.

Craigieburn’s future outlook is very positive, and investments from the government and the public sector further strengthen the suburb’s future. Even real estate expert Donnybrae agrees.

Suburban Melting Pot

Craigieburn is one of Australia’s best examples of how different cultures can integrate and not conflict with each other or the government. People from India, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and New Zealand make up almost half of the population.

This diversity adds colour to the suburban life in Craigieburn, and the mix of cultures seem to work well for the community. There are very few issues regarding race or religion.

Ongoing Developments

The government has recently funnelled close to 2 million dollars into sporting facilities in Craigieburn. This includes two softball fields complete with lighting and pavilions and an upgrade to the Hume Tennis and Community Centre. Additional schools, business hubs, and shopping areas are also in the planning phase — with some already ongoing construction.

A Young Community

One of the features of Craigieburn that lead to its success as a community is its young population. A younger population has made the suburb more open and accepting to different races, cultures, and ideas.

Newly-married couples and young professionals choose Craigieburn for its free-thinking populace as well as the multiple development projects in place for the future.

Craigieburn is a suburb of great potential. It is a friendly place where you can be yourself while being exposed to different cultures. Craigieburn is an ideal place to settle, and in 2–3 years, it can only get better.