Corporate Events 2016: Less Rigid, More Unique

Memorable corporate eventSpecial events aren’t the only ones turning up the volume. Corporate events (e.g. conferences, seminars, and business meetings) now face changes — for the better.

Today’s corporations wish to revamp the individual’s view of a “corporate event.” Rather than stay within the stingy and too formal image, most businesses now plan exciting experiences for their event’s attendees. From innovative décor to exclusive venues, companies go for something unique.

According to Bounce Music & Entertainment, a premier entertainment provider in New York City, good entertainment is always the secret to memorable corporate events. In addition to the music, dancing, and food, there are a few other ways to liven up the proceedings.

Something Familiar: Event Transformation

Unique venues are a bonus, but if you don’t brand the event properly, you’ll fall short.

Today’s companies turn away from the basic event décor, choosing to elevate the way they brand their events. A unique touch is the secret to a memorable party. Apart from the streamers and event banners, businesses transform event venues into a familiar space for guests.

Conferences and business meetings serve as the ultimate marketing events for businesses. It’s all about building brand loyalty and gathering advocates. Through effective branding, it engages the company with potential partners and clients.

Attendee Engagement Matters

Over the last year or so, the event industry has seen a rise in attendee engagement. Because events focus more on their guests, today’s events don’t just let the audiences sit and listen; they can also pitch in and participate.

Attendee engagement manifests in different forms. For example, conferences ditch the traditional PowerPoint slides for more engaging activities such as video conferences, live feeds, on-site bloggers, hands-on audience participation, and event hashtags.

By encouraging audience participation, businesses promote better experiences for their guests. Attendees also gain more knowledge and skills.

Events as Communities

Corporate events aren’t just events; today, it is also a community. Instead of holding two- or three-day events, planners consider longer life cycles for gatherings. In fact, some events begin before it starts.

From the first registration to the post-shows, planners now build a community around the event. It focuses on developing excitement before, during, and after the gathering. This way, planners count on enthusiastic followers to spread the word.

Businesses strive to break the rigid image of corporate functions. With today’s trends, encouraging fun while getting down to business is not as difficult as it used to be.