Convincing Clients That Linking Works

SEO Linking WorksThe importance of linking is one of the first things people entering SEO learn about the industry to become effective. But, it’s also one of the most difficult things to explain to clients who have no idea how the system works. The idea with such companies is that PR and content should be enough to increase brand awareness; convincing them otherwise is the challenge.

SEO Linking Goals

In order to convince an unwilling client to consider beefing up their linking strategies, the one doing the convincing will need a solid foundation to work with. Marketers at SEO Reseller Program recommend keeping the five benefits of linking in mind:

  • Search visibility
  • Traffic direction
  • Reputation and brand awareness
  • Establishing industry connections
  • Industry specific visibility

Most of the time, simply enumerating these benefits is enough to convince people that links are indispensable to your efforts; three of the five points are the main goals of SEO after all. But, there will still be that small minority that will stay bull-headed about connecting with other sites for mutual benefit.

Authority and Speed

Fortunately, such clients can still be reasoned with if the presenter can break down these benefits even further in such a way that directly affects the client. For example, if the client is a retailer that specializes in healthy products, they can benefit from being associated with established names like the vegan society.

In the SEO world, everything is about authority; the more authority a site manages to build, the more exposure it gets. Similar to how people attach their names to charities and organizations to represent their competence and skills, links make a website look better to users and search engines. The more people your site links to, the more authority it gains, and the better it will look.

If all else fails, just tell them it’s entirely possible to build that authority without links, but it’ll take years for that strategy to accomplish what linking can do in the space of a few months. There’s nothing businesses love more than speedy results, and linking is the fastest way to the top in SEO.