Contemporary Design Options for Inground Pool Decks and Patios

Inground pool in a villaMost property owners nowadays prefer an inground pool rather than an aboveground one. This is because of its low installation and maintenance costs and the many materials and design options available. In most instances, a deck is essential to blend your home and pool seamlessly.

There are various decking and patio designs constructed by pool service companies in Allen for relaxing, socializing, and sunbathing, among other activities. The ideal design primarily depends on your space and lifestyle. Here are some of the contemporary designs you can choose:

Sundeck Patios

This is designed for hassle-free poolside relaxation. Located along your pool’s perimeter, the sundeck is a place to enjoy the sunshine and cool off after swimming. It resembles a luxurious resort setting when surrounded by rows of elegant outdoor chaise lounges.

Bistro Patio

This is the best option for property owners with small backyards and those looking for a quiet place for relaxing and enjoying their pool’s view. A small bistro patio design includes two chairs and a bistro table detached by a pathway or attached to your pool. For large backyards, you can opt for detached bistro patio areas, which represent a different outlook of your pool’s landscape and provide an intimate atmosphere. You can add a fire pit to complete a cozy touch for entertaining in winter.

Garden Oasis

This design’s primary focus is to enhance your pool’s natural look. Natural materials and lush foliage form an integral part of a garden oasis rather than seating areas. Adding a bubbling fountain or waterfall provides a tranquil sound of flowing water to create a soothing atmosphere.

These designs will offer the perfect contemporary complement to your inground pool. There are different materials used to create the designs including wood, aluminum, and composite. Regardless of your material, ensure the decking is textured to enhance its slip resistance.