Company Car Care: Three Things to Check

a mechanic fixing a red car with an open hoodNo company can survive without a car. One car might not even be enough. You will need a vehicle to transport goods from the manufacturing site to their points of distribution. In the food industry, a car might be necessary to carry perishable ingredients on a rigorous schedule. Delays will not be appreciated in such a time-sensitive situation.

Because of the importance of cars in ensuring continued business operations, you want them to be in good condition at all times. With that in mind, check the following things:

1. Tinting Requirements

When you are transporting delicate items, especially temperature-controlled ingredients, you do not want your vehicle unprotected from the sun. Many use a commercial window film in Arizona, which can get pretty hot in summer. You can have tinted car windows, but you still have to abide by the law when it comes to tinting requirements.

2. Air Conditioning Levels

It is not just the sunrays that contribute to the heat inside the vehicle. Latent heat can also make the delivery of goods a challenge. Check that the air conditioning in the car is functioning correctly. This is also for the safety of your drivers. It will not be too expensive for the business to ensure a comfortable environment for the person responsible for transporting sensitive items to their destinations.

3. Routine Checkup

A lot of accidents can happen on the road, and the chances of your company vehicle being involved in one increase if the car is not serviced regularly. The company fleet should undergo a thorough inspection every few months. You can also use this time to repair any problems with the fleet wrap if you use them to turn commercial vehicles into moving advertisements.