Common Problems during Shipping

Box putting a FragileThese days, businesses face many problems. Even international trade is subjected to multiple regulations. Thus, businesses need to ensure that all their goods can be shipped without legal complications. Brokers such as Cheska Freight know that customs clearance requires a thorough understanding of the government’s requirements. Here are some of the most common issues during freight exchange:


Demurrage is a fee charged by steamship lines when the containers or packages are kept longer than the accepted period. Only a limited number of days will be given to the company until such time that they will be charged for demurrage. This fee is meant to dissuade companies to utilize the carrier’s equipment for storing their packages and to recompense the transport for the use of facilities.

Damage on Packages

One of the leading factors that result in a package’s physical damage is improper leashing or loading in the shipping vessel. Damages can also occur during the loading and unloading process. Once damages happen, the claim has to be made within the time stated, or the party will not receive any compensation for it.

Missing Documents

Another factor that causes several problems for companies is missing or incorrect documents. This can affect the fright release procedure and might even cause additional charges because of the delay with the fright release. It’s always advisable to prepare the documents so that you’ll have plenty of time to gather the documents before the shipment arrives.

Overall, these are just some the most common problems that businesses encounter when dealing with shipments. Thus, you may want to work with customs brokers. They can help you procure the necessary documents and attain clearance.