Common Household Pests and Ways to Prevent Them

Household pests damage the home and harm the health of the dwellers. Recently, the New Zealand government announced its goal to make the nation pest-free by 2050, primarily eliminating rats, stoats, and possums. A-Jet Services Ltd says that pests in homes and in the surrounding areas have damaging effects, making pest control services in Auckland very important. Here are some of the common household pests and ways to control them.

Control the Breeding of Flies

Flies carry bacteria that can be passed from food, utensils to humans. These could lead to different diseases. Flies can be controlled by cleaning, and eliminating their breeding sites such as food scraps, rubbish bins, faecal matter and more.

Prevent the Entry of Cockroaches

Cockroaches carry bacteria because they thrive on rubbish, dirt, and waste. They walk over food, cutlery, and places that bring illnesses. Apart from the advisers listed above, cockroaches can be prevented by keeping food containers properly, cleaning floors, shelves and cupboards, filling in cracks and holes in the house that may serve as their hiding place.

Don’t Let the Mosquitoes Bite

Mosquitoes feed on blood through their proboscis but instead of carrying bacteria, they transmit serious diseases like Ross river virus, Murray valley encephalitis, Kunjin virus and more. Mosquitoes usually breed in stagnant water found in containers, blocked gutters, drains, and more. Eliminating these possible breeding ground can prevent mosquito infestation.

Control The Rodents

Rats and mice carry germs and spread dangerous diseases inside the house through their infected urine and poo. Leptospirosis is only one of many diseases they bring. You can prevent these through good hygiene practices. In New Zealand, rats and possums threaten the existence of native wildlife.

Pest Control

You can use insecticides, pesticides, or avail of pest control services in Auckland to help you have a clean and healthy home free of pests.