Commercial Slicers: What’s Worth Buying?

Commercial SlicersFrom bustling markets delis to your local ‘mom and pop’ shops, commercial slicers play an important role in food preparation. Whether you are slicing meat, cheese, vegetables, or other items, they can save you a great deal of time and effort.

With the countless models on the market, however, it’s important to choose well. Titan Slicer recommends equipment with innovative design and unsurpassed reliability.

What kind of slicer is actually worth buying? It depends on your business’ specific requirements.

Entry Level Slicers

These little machines get the job done; simple to use and affordable, they are perfect for smaller stores. However, keep in mind they are meant for minimal use – around an hour or two each day at most. If you try to make them handle more than their intended capacity, they will very quickly wear out and break.

Mid-Tier Slicers

Slicers in this category provide a nice balance between cost and quality, making them the preferred choice of most commercial establishments. They can safely run for up to four hours every day. Being more precise and possessing better safety features, these can also process a larger range of food products.

High End Slicers

The best of the best, these slicers can handle extremely rigorous all-day use, have an impressive array of features, and produce superb cuts – though boasting a price tag to match. That said, they could very quickly make up for their cost with the increased productivity. A good machine can last you for many years, with minimal maintenance needs as well.

It’s also recommended to purchase in this range if you have to slice cheese, given the outstanding difference in quality. Most low to mid-tier slicers cannot process cheese well enough to produce a consistent product.

Lastly, make sure to check customer reviews for unbiased feedback. Price is a decent indicator of quality, but it’s not foolproof. You should always look for the best deal, and see if the specs match your needs.