Collaborate to Compete: Startups Can Outlast the Competition Strategically

collaborationIn the world of startups, it is important to utilize every strategy at your disposal to surpass the competition. This may mean collaborating with similar niche entrepreneurs and working on a strategy that benefits you both.

Every startup has to face the reality of competing against hundreds of other companies out there. At the same time, they should also realize that winning in a crowded field is all but impossible. It is more prudent to collaborate with industry-related companies for better chances of survival; a great way to do this is by attending a startup hub.

Hubs are quite popular. In the US, the technology economy heavily lies in the Silicon Valley. Many Silicon Valley firms believe that openness and collaboration is the key to success in technology startup survival.

This raises the question, “What is there to gain in collaborating with other startup hubs?”


GSV Labs explains joining a startup hub is a great way to obtain learning opportunities and expand your network. Gathering as much talents and allies as you can right at the beginning gives your business a better advantage at success. If you lack a specific talent, you can scout from the other participants in the hub or monitor the companies in your niche.


Great ideas may come from anywhere and from all sorts of sources. In collaboration, meeting many people who are on the same page can help you come up with fresh ideas. If anything, this alone makes it worthwhile to immerse yourself in startup hubs.


All businesses start with passion. This fuels the business goals and encourages you to work hard and commit to a cause. To keep your business passion burning, speak with like-minded people and find ways to divert your energy in pursuing success.

Building startups is easier and more enjoyable if you have the support you need throughout your venture. Startup collaboration can help you in being successful in the technology industry.