Canine Care: 5 Things That are Harmful to Your Dog

Dog eating in the dog bowlAccording to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), about 78 million families (or 44% of the population) have dogs included in their household. They let them sleep in their beds, bathe in their bathtubs, and even share their snacks.

Daves Pet Food believes that dogs deserve to live a healthy and happy life. This means treating them just as you would treat a child because that’s the kind of care they need. However, there could be things you’re doing to your dog that’s causing it more harm than good. Here’s a look at what those are:

1. Timing Them Out in Crates

Crates, cages, or kennels are not meant to be used for punishment. If you lock up your dog because it misbehaved, you’re teaching it that the kennel is not a good place.

2. Sharing Your Snacks with Them

Human snacks have artificial colors, flavors, and seasonings that may be difficult for a dog to digest. It can also cause joint pains or diabetes, which can be dangerous, especially if they’re in their senior years.

3. Tying Them up for Long Periods of Time

Like humans, dogs need interaction, exercise, and a sense of freedom. Tying up a dog and leaving it tied for a long time could decrease their sense of belonging and may shorten its life.

4. Leaving Them Alone in a Car

This may seem harmless to you, but it can have lasting harmful effects on your dog. Even with the windows rolled half an inch down to give it some air, a car can become hot quick enough to dehydrate a dog faster than a human.

5. Showing Them You Miss Them Too Much

Do you get overly excited with them when you come home? Do you show them that you’re sad whenever you leave for work? These actions can instill separation anxiety, which can cause them to be detached from everyone and everything else when you’re not around.

Keep in mind that dogs have feelings, too. They can also get sick and get hurt just as a child would. This is why you need to be more careful with how you treat and take care of them.