Buying Luxury: What Aussies Spend Their Cash On

Luxuries Australians Spend Cash OnRegardless of money being tight or not, there are a few luxuries you cannot help but shell out dollars for. Whether it is the latest designer bag or a flashy new car, the appeal of these finer things seems to be irresistible. For Aussies, living in style is their guilty pleasure, as proven by the things they spend extra on. Here is a list of them.

Luxury Cars

The availability of small loans may be a reason Aussies can afford to divulge in luxury. But, a Mercedes-Benz and a Porsche are hardly a meagre expense. Despite this, they are hotter than ever in the Australian vehicle market.

Recent reports show a rise in the sales of luxury cars. Mercedes-Benz has sold over 4,000 of its AMG luxury cars in 2015, the highest per capita sales rate in the world so far. The clamour for these car models comes as a result of their newfound affordability.

“Luxury cars are more affordable than ever before, they’re at a price people can get to and, of course, with the end of vehicle manufacturing, you’ve removed the guilt of not buying Australian,” says David Chalke from Australian Scan.


The wheels are not the only ones in style. Aussies are also into looking their most fashionable, and the money they fork out for clothes proves it. Late last year, Statista ranked Australia as the world’s top-spender per capita.

The average Aussie spends more than AU $1,400 on apparel every year. This explains why the country is one of the biggest markets of clothing chain stores. Zara shopping spree, anyone?


You know alcohol is intoxicating, but when you realise Aussies spend more on beer than they do on coffee, tea, medicine and even education, you know it is something else. While occasional hard partying and drinks are fun, funding a bad drinking habit is not.

Australians forgo meals and bills just to have their fix every week. Guilty pleasure? An awful habit is more like it.

Aussies certainly are not afraid to fork out for a great ride, glamorous style and a good time. Which one will you take out a few hundred dollars for?