Business Survival is a Matter of Hiring the Right People for the Job

Job ApplicantsWhether you have small or conglomerate businesses, it’s important to have quality employees and talents to sustain your success at all cost. But, with the increasing skill set requirement in the industry and the decreasing quality of education, finding the right people to take on the job can be more challenging and confusing than you may think.

That’s why suggests that every company should look into consulting recruitment firms to better screen their applicants. Unlike before where a curriculum vitae (CV) used to tell everything there is to know about a candidate, sourcing for the right people now would require cross-referencing their previous work experiences, as the rate of attrition and the rate of job-hoppers continue to rise.

To avoid potential mishires, here are some up-to-date SOPs that recruitment and consulting firm use.

Personality vs. Experience vs. Potential

It’s no secret that employees prefer someone with experience, but it's important to know why an applicant quit their previous job. Against young and talented new blood, the priority should be how a candidate will fit into the organization’s objectives. A great match to the company should be someone whom you think has the virtues and the potential to grow alongside the firm. Technical skills and expertise are teachable, but personality and character aren't. 

Social Media Accounts 

As previously highlighted, CVs can’t say everything about a candidate anymore; employers should also consider looking into where you can see their true colours better. Typically, the modern behavioural pattern of a potential employee or any person for that matter would reflect on his or her social media account. But, if the person has no social media account, then it can already tell you how private and professional someone is from the start.

Creative Line of Questioning

Of course, you can’t directly ask applicants whether they’re a jerk or not. Who would answer yes, anyway? Instead, you can try to ask them which house in Westeros they most likely relate to; depending on their answer, you can have an idea about their political, social, and personal beliefs. 

The continued survival of a business would require the dedication of every employee. If one member of the firm doesn’t share the same goals and visions for the company, then it’s only a matter of time before the organization declines.