Bringing Your Brand Out There with Banners

Promotional BannersYour brand has nowhere else to go but out there. The competition is tough, and while millions of rival businesses go the digital route (and you do, too), you still have to take your promotions a step further. And a look back at the good, old trade show and promotional banners is an effective way to do that.

You may have a number of reasons to join an exhibit, but you may not have as many reasons to use banners for it. Or, at least, that’s what you think. Banners may be old-school, but they still have a unique appeal that most promo products and methods do not. Make them the attractions of your trade show exhibits, and you’ll be sure to enjoy a lot of perks, such as these:

Easy Mounting

You see that big, heavy banners and bulky stands come in pairs, but they don’t have to. Just look at the feather banners from! Today, banners come in lighter materials and so do the stands. It only takes a few metal poles to mount them in the right spots and hold them in place, so no need for all the bulk.

Interesting Display

When you think of banners, images of giant rectangular tarpaulins immediately come to mind. They may be the ‘standard’ kind, but they’re not the only ones available. The shape and size are not over the top, so you won’t have to worry about looking like a hard sell.

Small banners in unique shapes, like feathers and surfboards, are eye-catching and have just enough room to show what your customers need and are able to see. They’re ideal for attracting those on the road, with their bright colours and their shape that moves perfectly with the wind. That’s anything but boring.

Moving With You

If you’re a brand manager who likes movement, banners are your best friend in the trade show. Small ones are easy to carry around, making them great mobile props. They’re handy for on-the-spot sales pitches, as you walk your potential customers from the trade show’s entrance all the way to your booth.

Snap-worthy Backdrops

Business BannersBig banners are your exhibit’s backdrop, so you and your visitors should make the most of them. Waste no time in showing them off on your social media page. Take an entire album of shots with your banners. Upload group photos with the rest of your staff, and shoot a few solos, too.

To go full-on with the banner-snapping promotion, you may request each of your visitors to pose for a photo op after they checked your booth or while they’re at it. You don’t even need a professional photographer for this. Your background, guests and smartphones will do.

Reusable Promotions

Unless you rebrand every year, your banners, big and small, are reusable. While this doesn’t mean you’ll use the same ones for all your trade shows, it means you may use them on a variety of other events apart from your exhibits. If you’re holding sales or engagements with media coverage, they’re the easy and cost-effective way to prep our brand for the TV, computer and mobile screens. Smart, isn’t it?

You want to take your brand out there, and you can do it with banners of all sizes and shapes. Make the most of them and see the results for yourself.