Brand Positioning: Yes, Your Customers Will Build Your Brand

 Brand Building in MelbourneThe most successful brands own a phrase or word, as well as an associated space in the minds of consumers, which in turn cements a brand’s position in its niche market.

Simply put, an effective brand positioning campaign allows the identity and image of your brand to automatically have meaning for your target consumers and distinguish it from your competitors.

What Exactly is Brand Positioning?

Brand positioning basically refers to targeting your consumers’ reasons to choose your brand among the many other similar brands in the market. Essentially, you have to offer your target customers something that will occupy a significant value and place in their minds.

Take, for example, the tagline of Coca-Cola: ‘The Real Thing’. Everybody knows that Coca-Cola or Coke is the top carbonated soft drink all over the world, and by using the tagline The Real Thing, consumers will instantly think that it’s the only ‘real’ soft drink out there even if it’s not entirely true since all soft drinks are in fact ‘real’. The result is that more people choose Coke over other similar carbonated soft drinks in the market, explains a marketing exec from a top creative agency in Melbourne.

However, creating a distinct position in the marketplace will require deciding on a niche market and making a differential advantage in the minds of target consumers. Your brand has to represent your customers and what your brand wants to accomplish for them. In short, you don’t actually build your brand — your customers do.

The Takeaway

While it is true that you can influence the perceptions of your target consumers in the direction that you want via great advertising and marketing strategies, it is your consumers who will ultimately experience what your brand has to offer. It is they who will foster their own expectations for your brand according to their specific experiences and believe in the promise of your brand.

That said, you must absolutely make certain that the position of your brand should be unique but believable while likewise providing flexibility for evolving and potential markets and customers, as well brand expansions in the future.