Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Charity

How to Start a CharityThere are two ways to become a charitable person. You can either volunteer or work for NGOs or start your own charity. Having your own charity gives you more control over what you want to achieve. If you can’t seem to find a charity that fits your vision, you can establish your own by following these first steps.

Draw Your Vision and Solution

Before anything else, you should first identify exactly what you need to do and how you will be able to achieve it. Find a specific problem that you want to address. As a beginner, you should not overwhelm yourself with big aspirations, or else, you will overwhelm potential donors and volunteers. How will you structure your organisation? What role will you play? It’s important to have answers to these questions first before your put it out there.

Map Your Long-Term Plan

Before you even start, you should have already mapped your long-term journey. You have to be completely confident about what you want to achieve in the next three to ten years. It is also important to know the scale of your campaign. Do you plan on expanding it nationally or globally? This way, you can easily underpin an investment from other individuals and organisations.

Plan Your Fundraising

The next big step is securing funds to actually give your charity a good boost. Rapid Loans suggests that before you even start a fundraising, find out first where and how you can raise money. Get in touch with well-established charities and decide how you’re going to ask for donations. By this time, you will have already established an extensive network of people and organisations that will be willing to donate.

Plan Your Campaign

Of course, you need to create a strong campaign to get people and organisations to donate and work for you. Find a communications expert to help you get your message across effectively. Create a convincing brand, know your target audience and come up with compelling campaigns to get people to volunteer and support your cause. Get some expert advice on launching powerful traditional and online campaigns.

Setting up your own charity can be risky. Before you even start, you will come across several overwhelming challenges that can force you to turn back. But be brave to beat the odds if you believe in your vision.