A Survival Guide to Organising a Full-Blown Corporate Event

Corporate EventThe next time you attend an event, look around. That RSVP list the organiser uses to scan for your name? Someone spent months meticulously revising it so that your nametag could be cross checked. The napkins beautifully displayed on the tables? Someone spent half a day folding and twisting them.

Event planning is not rocket science, but it needs presence of mind and constant attention to detail. And if you are charged with planning a corporate event, keep in mind that this is a different beast than social event planning. It takes more than hiring a DJ, designing the decor, and blowing balloons, and if something goes wrong, there are so many things at stake.

Here is a very simple survival guide to organising a successful corporate event:

Make Lists, Check Them Twice

From making the program content to calling a Nelson bar for your venue, everything matters and everything counts. To make sure not to overlook things, make a list — and check it twice. Before you start weaving together everything, create lists that fall under all the design principles of a corporate event.

All in the Details

What are your event goals and objectives? Have you set a date yet? How much would be your budget? These things, including coordinating with stakeholders and negotiating proposals for venues, and confirming the event agenda, are the pieces that make up your event. Include these on your list because the secret to a successful event is all in the details.

Stick to the Plan

Once all your lists are made, start by taking action — section by section. Assign portions of the event to your team if you have one. If everyone has ownership of a piece of the puzzle, details are less likely to slip through the cracks. Make sure, however, that everyone sticks to the plan.

Some parts of the plan may fail — something will be late, something will not arrive at all—so have a plan B for everything.

Corporate event planning is not exactly rocket science, but with this survival guide, it will be a little easier. Good luck!