A Skater’s Paradise: Visiting the Most Amazing Skate Parks around the Globe

Skate parkNewbie or not, riding the board effortlessly are enjoyed by people from every part of the world. For them, there's no better place to pop some tricks than on a skate park.

OC Ramps shares that skate parks designs work as a playground to many skaters because they offer a unique twist on their riding experience. Rather than just enjoying a normal roll, why not make it even more exciting by doing it on ramps and uneven surfaces. You might know a few good skate parks around your area, but on this list, you'll see more than that.

VANS Skate Park (California, USA)

This enormous skate park was created by the renowned shoe company known to be as Vans. The park has an indoor and outdoor playground. For the inside skating, most of the ramps and surfaces are made from slick timber to allow smoother and more controlled ride. Lying at 20,000 square feet is the outdoor skate park that is made with a series of concrete bowls and pools that will certainly delight any rider.

Amazing Square Skate Park (Tokyo, JPN)

This monster skate paradise in the land of the rising sun features amenities that make up a good park. It has a massive half pipe and unique street skating trails that include rails, ramps, and stairs. What's more is skaters are allowed to roll and flip any time into the park because it is open 24/7.

Marseille SkatePark (Marseille, FRN)

The next on the list is known to be Europe’s best skate haven and it is no other than the Marseille SkatePark. What makes this place unique among the others is its urban theme and feel. The whole of skate park design and structures are covered in graffiti artwork. The course also offers sharps and curves, which are very unusual terrain to any outdoor park.

Stoke Plaza, Stoke-on-Trent (England, GB)

Spanning 34,000 square feet, Stoke Plaza is definitely one of the country’s top-tiered parks. Unique surfaces and structures are built to give a delightful experience to skaters. However, if you’re not the “into the action” guy, no worries, the park has a designated “safe zones” which allows spectators to hang out and observe safely.

Take your skateboarding hobby to a new level by visiting some of these well-known skate parks. Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned rider, you’ll certainly enjoy conquering the curves, rails, and ramps on these fields