A Guide on Maintaining and Caring for Electric Bikes

Electric BikeElectric bikes can be anybody’s best friend on the road. With the convenience and savings it provides, there’s certainly nothing to hate about electric bikes. But, vehicles such as this need maintenance too for you to make the best and longest use out of it. Thus, here’s how to properly care for your electric bike to make it run well and smoothly, whatever its agenda is for the day.

Check your battery’s performance

Every e-bike battery’s performance and power cycle vary. But if you happened to have one that doesn’t work well, change it to a quality 48V lithium battery for ideal functionality. A 48V lithium bike battery offers better performance than a common 36V battery, notes Iron Edison. Also, it’s compact, lightweight, and power-packed. Compared to other lower voltages and rechargeable battery types, a 48V lithium-ion e-bike battery is a top choice with the quality and performance it delivers.

Check your tires before going for a ride

E-bikes are heavier than regular bikes, and most of its weight and pressure are directed toward its lower half, which includes the tires. Thus, checking your tires is essential to ensure they are in good running condition. The simple act of checking your tires goes a long way in keeping flat tire situations at bay.

Check your brakes regularly

Check your e-bike brake system (brake pads, disc brakes) regularly to ensure optimum safety while on the road. If you use your electric bike often, you might need to have its brake pads replaced since they wear down faster than those in regular bikes. Also, tighten the screws on the disc brakes to ensure a smooth and hassle-free ride.

By keeping these tips handy, you can get the most out of your electric bike and make it your road buddy.