5 Ways to Improve Office Acoustics

a conference room prone to unwanted noiseIf you think your conference room is too loud or you hear reports of customers complaining that they can’t properly hear you, then you should start improving the acoustics of your space. Note that poor acoustics in workplaces can disrupt employees, and even decrease their production by up to 66%.

Reduce noisy distractions and improve company productivity with these simple measures.

  1. Install Acoustic Panels – This is a smart choice, considering that acoustic sound panels are made specifically to soundproof spaces. They also come in a wide variety of designs and sizes to revamp not only the acoustics of your conference room but also its appearance.
  2. Treat the Windows – If the room has windows, then chances are, they are responsible for some of those annoying noises. The hard, reflective glass of windows can create sound issues for spaces. You can add drapes and curtains to help absorb some of the sound. The thicker the curtain, the better.
  3. Add Carpet – Sometimes covering those hard, reflective surfaces with a soft, absorptive material can make all the difference. Add a carpet or rug on the area to cut down on the echo of noise.
  4. Pick Your Furniture – Furniture also contributes to the way sound bounces around the room. Just like how rug works, the hard and reflective surfaces of certain furniture can amplify sound. Replace hard surfaces with a soft material to improve the comfort of meeting-goers and increase the sound quality in the space.
  5. Consider a Drop Ceiling – This is a great option if you want to change the look of the area as well as reduce echo. A drop ceiling limits the space in which sound bounces.

Adding sound-reducing features in your office can also improve the space’s overall look. Furthermore, your employees will have a more comfortable and productive environment.