5 Things You Cannot Afford to Overlook During Spring Cleaning

Spring CleaningSpring is finally here and what a great time to start cleaning. Spring is an awesome time to clean up as you can easily open up your windows and enjoy the fresh air. Furthermore, cleaning in spring means that you get to clean the thinks that you often overlook during those other seasons. While it can get overwhelming to do all the tasks in a decent amount of time, you can opt to take one at a time.

Forte Commercial Cleaning Utah shares their knowledge about some areas you cannot afford to overlook while spring cleaning.

Top of the cabinets and appliances

You’ve probably spent a lot of time cleaning your kitchen which includes wiping the fridge, mopping the floor and sanitizing your sinks and oven. Nevertheless, you may have forgotten to look high enough. The top of your cabinets and fridge collect dust and grease over time, get a stool and wipe away the dust with your cleaning supplies. Sweep behind the fridge and scrub to remove any elements of grease. Clean the insides of your kitchen cabinets as well.


Clean your windows in and out. Wipe the window tracks with a wet cloth as they collect gunk and dirt throughout the year. Remove your blinds and dry clean them as well. Clean on top of the curtain boxes.


A lot of people only vacuum the top part. Move your sofas and tables and vacuum underneath. Have a reputable cleaning service professionally clean your rugs and carpets. This will give your interior a new feel and provide you with fresh air.

Light fixtures

Light fixtures are often overlooked during the cleaning process. If you have glass fixtures, you could place them in the dishwasher. The other types of fixtures can be easily cleaned by scrubbing or even dusting.


Go through your closet and pack things you no longer need. Arrange everything in order and donate the rest to charity or have a garage sale.

When it comes to cleaning that lasts, you cannot afford to overlook the finer details. You can get the best clean by calling in a cleaning service. With your busy schedule, you may not have the time to do all the cleaning. Simply call in the experts for a comprehensive spring cleaning service.