5 Simple and Practical Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate Gifts

Giving gifts to employees is one of the practised traditions in a corporate world during the holiday season or any special company occasion. It is such a great sight when your employees’ eyes are filled with excitement as they await the present you have prepared for them.

A gift does not need to be very expensive. It may be a wall decor, a simple useable item for the office desk, or even a customised mini-notebook.

There are a lot of gift ideas that are simple but will surely be loved by everyone. These gifts do not cost a lot but are enough to put a smile on their faces as well as in their hearts.

Hats & Shirts

Usually worn during the day or even the night, hats and shirts are the perfect gifts. Buying these items in bulk would usually entail a lower cost. Your employees may use these shirts as part of their uniform as well, to be worn once a week.

Personalised Booklets

In an industry where there is a lot of writing or documenting, a customised mini-notebook for each one of your employees may be a good idea. Printing can be done on your own or choose a reputable printing company, such as Woolston Printing, which offers booklet printing services at a budget-friendly price.

Coffee & Coffee Cups

Prepare your giveaways inside a coffee bag ready to be roasted. For securing your coffee, you may use a personalised ribbon with your company’s name in it. Coffee cups can contain your company’s logo or your company’s motto.

Phone Holder

The modern phone holder can stick to your office desk. This item is very convenient to use especially during busy hours just in case you decide to go hands-free or on speaker phone.

Sticky Notes

Encourage your employees to be creative and have fun by writing down their ideas on the colourful sticky notes you gave them. You can also have them customised by those who offer booklet printing services as well.

Simple gifts always mean the most. It represents the important connection you have with your employees. It is not how luxurious your gift may be. What matters is the thought and effort placed into it.