5 Safety Must-Haves for Smart Road Workers

a man lying beside a road constructionThe roads are a dangerous place. You always have the risk of fast cars careening out of control. If you are a road worker, you have probably been to sites wherein you had to do some road repairs or construct new flyovers. Before you begin these though, you need to make sure you have these five things:

Head protection

When you are working on a flyover or anything involving heights, chances are there might be falling debris. In the unlikely event that this happens, make sure you have head protection like a sturdy helmet to lessen the severity of concussions.

Hand protection

It is no easy thing doing roadwork because you have to use tools that are strong enough to work on concrete. Working with such power tools means that your hands need protection from the stress of using them. Wear specialised gloves among other road safety products, be it in Australia or England.

Respiratory protection

Working on a road produces particles like dust or smoke, which could damage your respiratory system if you inhale these in large amounts. Put on a mask to filter out dust and protect your lungs from potential damage.

Hearing protection

Road construction or repairs need drills, which are very noisy to operate. This is why road workers need to wear earmuffs while using drills in concrete work. Unprotected ears may not only leave you deaf in the long run but also disoriented from the noise.

Eye protection

This is perhaps the most important part to protect because you rely a lot on your eyesight to do daily work. When you are using drills, for instance, there might be scraps of concrete or metal that could get hurled to your face. Make sure to wear safety glasses or face shields to prevent stray pieces from hurting your face or eyes.