4 Ways to Enrich Veterinary Clients’ Experiences

Veterinarian taking care of the huskyDo you have a veterinary clinic? Do you want to increase your pet visits and improve your customer service? You’ll be glad to know that there are very simple and inexpensive ways you can improve business operations and customer satisfaction. Here are three simple tricks you can try this month.

Personalized veterinary reminder postcards

Simple marketing techniques such as personalized vet reminder postcards can do so much than just advertise your clinic. They do well in reminder your clients that a checkup is due. You can make themed postcards for your clients, but if you want to go beyond the normal postcards, you can even create an app that could help client’s track their pet’s health and appointments. If you don’t have a budget for an app, you can use free social media tools through Facebook and Twitter.

Improve the waiting room experience

Many pet parents are feeling anxious whenever they visit veterinary clinics, especially if there’s something wrong with their precious pet babies. Moreover, pets also experience as a sense of vulnerability and discomfort during trips to the vet. Decrease the anxiety levels by improving the waiting room experience. One simple way is to provide separate waiting areas for dog and cats. You can do this by installing visual barriers. Offer drinks in your lobby for both clients and their pets. And of course, training your staff members in proper pet handling and client communication are vital.

Decrease the sound exposure in your clinic

Studies found that music can affect the brain waves, respiratory patterns, and heart rate of both people and pets. You can play music with optimal tempo to create that calming effect in your clinic. Plants and wall decors can also help lower the overall noise level in your clinic to help sooth your clients and their pets. This is especially important in rooms where you keep pets recovering from treatment, especially surgery.

Create a Calming Experience

People who take their pets to veterinary clinics wants assurance that their pets are going to be okay. So it’s important that you don’t just tailor fit your services to the pets but also to the people. Consider these tips if you’re looking for ways to improve your veterinary business.