4 Insanely Smart Ways to Clean Up Oil Spills

Cleaning Up Oil Spills The problem of containing the millions of gallons of oil that are constantly gushing into the sea or other environments is an ever-present one. Drastic measures have been taken by concerned parties around the world to solve the problem. While some methods, such as setting the oil on fire have provided a temporary solution, the effect on the environment has been devastating. One wonders whether there aren’t better, long-term solutions to the problem.

Here are four smart ways to manage oil spills:

Building an underwater dome

An underwater dome may take a significant time to build, but it offers a great alternative to managing oil spills. While building a giant dome may be a costly affair, it still offers a green solution to a persistent problem. Building a standard water dome takes about two weeks, and this may be too much time considering that a gush may spill too much oil within moments. However, it offers a long-term solution.

Relocatable bunds

An expert from Argyle Commercial notes that portable bunding is another nifty way to manage oil spills. Currently, many industries use this method to contain spills. Several outlets in Australia already offer this service.  You can buy best spill control products by or hire Australia’s spill control experts and have them take care of the problem. What’s even better, a portable bund can be made within a week of ordering it.

Use bacteria

How about using bacteria that eat up the oil? This approach is not only eco-friendly but also incredibly effective. Additionally, it is rather simple – sulfate or nitrate fertilizer is added to stimulate the multiplication of the bacteria. The bacteria then eat up the oil occupying their territory at a faster rate than previously possible.

Mushrooms and hair

Used in the Cosco Busan oil spill in ’07, this is one of the most effective solutions to oil spins. The approach involves using mats made from mushrooms and hair to sop up the oil spill from the water. This is a totally organic way to counter oil spills

An oil spill may be very destructive, considering the amount of pollution it causes to the environment. Desperate measures have been taken to solve the problem, for instance, burning the oil. With the correct measures, however, it is possible to eliminate the problem without harming the environment.