4 Healthy-Eating Tips for Dining Out

A person eating a healthy mix of foodThere are hundreds of authentic, finger-licking dishes out there waiting to be explored, and many of these are available in restaurants around you. If you’re planning to enjoy them there but want to keep your body healthy, then follow these tips.

Order smartly

When eating out, it’s tempting to ditch your eating plan. But it’s very important to stick to a healthy diet. If you are visiting one of those Mexican restaurants in Springfield, for instance, try to eat light. Instead of crispy tortillas and hard shell tacos, opt for burritos, fajitas or soft tacos. While at it, make sure you order regular portions rather than the jumbo sizes.

Ask about preparation methods

It’s perfectly okay to ask how dishes are prepared so that you can choose those with low-calorie preparation methods. Ask whether they are fine preparing food according to your preferences. For instance, can they steam the vegetables, grill the chicken and provide some extra grilled veggies?

Avoid temptations

Don’t pick the sitting table nearest to the dessert cart. Ask the waiter to take away that bowl of peanuts once you’ve taken a small portion. And if you are taking alcohol, limit the portion you take so you don’t take too many calories or weaken your willpower.

Steer away from fast foods

There are many reasons people opt to eat at fast food restaurants. Fast food is cheap and tastes good. However, this is not the food for you if eating healthy is one of your resolutions this year. Sure, you can indulge in the occasional packet of fries or burger, but making it your routine to cruise through fast food restaurants will ruin your waistline.

The secret to eating healthy when in a restaurant is making a plan beforehand on what you’re going to eat and sticking to it. By making smart choices, you can get to enjoy a healthy meal without overindulging in anything.