4 Effective Ways to Keep Your Cattle Healthy

Cows eatingDairy cows are gentle and delicate creatures who need a lot of care and attention. They respond better to their caretakers and may produce more milk when they are in excellent condition.

Takaninifeeds.co.nz explains that cows need enough protein and energy to stay healthy. As a responsible farm owner, you need to make sure they get the nutrients they need. Here are the things you can do:

Always provide them with enough food and water

Food and water are important to keep your cows hydrated and healthy. But it is not enough that you just give them what you think they need. You also need to monitor how much they eat to make sure you are not over or underfeeding them.

Keep a good relationship with your veterinarian

This means letting them see your cattle regularly, as well as monitoring their vital signs and physical appearance. Calves need more attention of adult cows, especially when they are introduced to new things, such as feeds or grazing with other cows. Pregnant cows or those that just gave birth also need special attention because they are more sensitive during these times.

Keep them clean

Cows prefer to lie on clean hay. Whether you use sand or sawdust as their secondary bedding, you must keep it clean all the time. You barn must also be free from animal urine and faeces. Living in dirty surroundings has a huge effect on animals and can increase agitation and irritability, not to mention the risks of infection and diseases.

Milk them at least once a day

Remember that milking your cows on a set schedule is important to maintain their milk production. The best time to milk them is any time before nine in the morning and after five in the afternoon when the day is not too hot. Keeping your herd hydrated wherever they are will help them produce more milk.

Remember that healthy cows produce the best milk for your farming needs. Follow these tips to make sure your herd remains healthy and productive.