4 C’s to Remember When Ordering Cakes Online

A slice of cake and coffeeStill cannot decide which cake to surprise your husband with for your anniversary celebration tonight? Perhaps you want to show that you care but do not have the time to head over to your parents’ place. Sending a thoughtful and customised cake might just be the answer to your problem. The best part is it can easily be done online.

Ordering custom cake designs online is easy. You just need to keep the following reminders in mind to make sure your first purchase is as good as actually going to the bakery (or maybe even better).

Consider the recipient’s preference

Most bakeries have different types of cakes. From a standard sponge cake to a more special ice cream cake, name it and they will surely have it. That said, it is a must to always keep your recipient’s preference in mind. If he is a fruity person, then go for a fruit-flavoured one despite being a die-hard chocolate fan yourself. Remember that you are the giver and they are the receiver and their choice should be a priority.

Clear communication with the bakery

Communicate clearly with the bakery regarding the flavour that you would like, as well as the design that you prefer, especially if it is a customised cake. Most bakeries have forms you can use to give your instructions. Keep an open line and do not forget to follow-up if you feel like something is amiss.

Contact details

Make it a habit to give yours and your recipient’s full (and correct) contact details. You do not want your ice cream cake melting in the summer heat just because you gave the wrong home address to your delivery man.

Cash or card?

Ask the mode of payment that the bakery allows and have the payment ready. This will make it more convenient for you and the delivery man.

Are you planning to order your first cake online? Remember these tips to ensure a good experience.