4 Cool Ways to Show Off Your Family Photos

Photo Wall

Creating a photo wall may be one of the ideal ways to display photos at home, but there are other cooler ways to show off those great family moments. Here are some alternative solutions:

  • Create photo coasters.

There are many DIY techniques on how to turn your photos, even Instagram snaps, into cozy coasters. They’re great conversation starters, especially on cold winter nights while lounging near an open fire. What’s cooler is that you can create seasonal coasters to show off more photos or create a themed coaster set for each special occasion.

  • Turn them into ref magnets.

Apart from souvenir magnets, photo magnets are amazing keepsakes you can make for your family and friends. While you can always DIY, Magnets.com noted that there are professional customized wholesale magnets sellers who can create large quantities for you. They’re great souvenir options if you’re having a party or sending out holiday gifts to family and friends.

  • Turn them into postcards.

Family vacation photos would make great postcards. While you can always send them to family and friends, you can also get one of those postcard stands and display your photos in your own homes. Another great conversation piece, especially if travel photos are on display.

  • Create a photo map.

This is a cool option for people who love to travel. Get yourself a U.S. map or a world map and frame it. It should be large enough to display on your living room wall. Cut out photos into the right size and paste them on the state or country where it was taken. If you’re a travel junkie, it could double as your vision board for your next travel.

It’s true that a picture paints a thousand words, so don’t just keep your photos in albums that don’t see the light of day. Find a way to display them beautifully in your home and have fun reminiscing time spent with family.