4 Common Reasons of Watch Damage

Gold Wrist WatchWatches are small pieces of craftsmanship and art. Wearing watches makes you look smart and professional looking. No matter how busy you are, it is an essential piece of jewelry that keeps you in check with the constantly moving world.

Leaving your watch behind can sometimes make you feel naked or incomplete. It is a piece of clothing that represents a bit of your personality in a world of uniforms and corporate attire. But sometimes because you are so used to wearing it all the time, you forget that your watch needs constant care, too. 

Haldavis.com and other repair shops list some things that you do with your watch that will warrant a visit:

Water Resistant does not mean water proof

You have a brand new watch and on the clock face, it says water resistant. A water resistant watch means it can only tolerate splashes of water without the water entering the mechanism. Soaking your watch in water, wearing it while swimming, and taking a bath or shower will definitely give water a way to enter inside the mechanism of your watch and possibly ruin it.

Delicate timepieces

Have you seen the inside of your watch? You know that small and intricate pieces of cogs and gears make up your watch, and a big fall or drop can dislodge the machinery making it go haywire. Don’t worry, though, because most watches are designed to withstand a fall from your wrist to the floor—just don’t make it a habit.

Keep away from chemicals and strong magnetic fields

Chemicals and high magnetic fields especially from machines can cause damage to the gears of your watch. Make sure to remove your watch in cases wherein you need to work with chemicals or your need to undergo a diagnostic test using a large magnet such as an MRI.

Don’t try do-it-yourself fixes

When your watch is not working or needs a battery replacement, bring it immediately to a watch repair shop and don’t try do-it-yourself fixes that might damage your watch permanently and make it irreparable. Visit a skilled watch repairman and let them do the fixing.

Watches can be a symbol of style, personality, and even maturity. But after you buy your watch make sure you take note of the things, which can cause damage to your watch and always bring it in for a routine inspection.