3 Ways You Can Save on Self-Storage Costs

Self Storage in PerthWhen you can’t let go of some of your belongings and you no longer have enough storage spaces at home, renting a self-storage unit is a smart choice. However, these units do not come cheap. After all, storage facilities offer more than space — they provide convenience and security for your valuable items. To help you deal with these costs, below are a few ways you can save money while renting a storage unit.

  1. Check Promos and Discounts

Many storage companies offer discounts for new clients, while some Perth facilities provide special long-term storage rates. There may also be senior’s discounts, waived administration fees, free use of moving truck, or other special promos. So, you better ask the storage company about their discounts before signing the contract.

  1. Share a Space with Family or Friends

If your friend or brother has an extra space in their storage unit, ask if they want to share. This way, both of you can save on rent fees as you can split the bill monthly. Just make sure that the agreement between the two of you is clear, as for sure you don’t want to have a dispute over a storage space. Also, in the eyes of the storage facility managers, whoever signed the contract is the only one who should have access to the unit. So, you better maintain a good relationship with your friend or sibling to avoid losing access to your belongings in the unit.

  1. Be More Organised

Maybe you’re renting a large unit for just a mountain of clutter. Take a weekend and sort all the stuff in your unit. Select the items that you can donate to charities and pick those that are better off in the dump. After sorting, see if you really need a lot of space. You may want to transfer to a smaller unit with a relatively lower price.

With these techniques, you can save hundreds of dollars in your self-storage costs in a year. So, consider doing one of these strategies on your next trip to a storage facility.