3 Things to Do When You Don’t Know Which Business to Do

business meetingFor some, what they want to do in business has been clear to them since their teenage or college years. For a greater majority of aspiring entrepreneurs though, what they only know is they want to get into business — no idea as to which exactly to pursue. Here’s what to do when you don’t know which business to do:

Reflect on what you love.

The one ingredient all successful entrepreneurs share is passion. They have something they dearly love and turned it into a something they could make a living out of. What brings you joy and fulfillment in life can be a source of a business idea.

Ponder about your hobbies and interests. Most moms who love to cook healthy meals for their kids find themselves being organic foodpreneurs. Spray-net and other experts noted that those who are into home renovations find a home in an exterior painting business or a landscaping franchise. The principle is to find your passion and channel that into an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Or, find what frustrates you.

Interestingly, frustrations can be sources of inspiration for business. Think about it: All businesses are a solution to problems. Restaurants offer an answer to hungry stomachs on a lazy Sunday night. Laundry services are the solution busy parents need. Dating apps give hope for lonely hearts.

Simply, what disappoints you (or others) is a reflection of a need, which is then a business opportunity in disguise. Think about your frustrations — or to frame it more positively, reflect on that one problem or human need you want to solve. Then, approach it with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Start doing anything.

Not knowing what to do can be paralyzing. It’s tempting even to just think, think, and overthink. But the truth is, great ideas for businesses often don’t come as a eureka moment. You’ll find it in the unlikeliest of places — you probably will stumble upon it when you’ve already started a business or while talking casually to a colleague. Don’t put your life on a pause. Start doing anything and take risks. Experience failure. Then, start all over again. You will figure out what you want to do eventually.

Knowing which business exactly to pursue is a difficult task for most aspiring entrepreneurs. When you find yourself in this situation, take inspiration from these mentioned tips.