3 Practical Reasons National Police Check is Important

National Police CheckA national police check in Australia has become an additional requirement for most job applicants in the country, especially in several industries such as law enforcement, government, healthcare and education. What are the benefits of securing this added requirement?

Here are the top three reasons that apply to the business, employees and its customers:

Provides employers peace of mind. Several studies have confirmed that about 80 percent of fraud or theft happen in-house. A national police check provides employers the peace of mind and the ability to trust that their new hire is clear of any past or ongoing criminal records. This is especially true for people who work in the law or law enforcement or those working with children and the elderly.

Reduces the risk of fraud. Businesses that are rapidly growing need to increase their staff. And with every staff increase, the risk of fraud and theft also increases. This can also be said for the risk of inside jobs. By requiring applicants to secure a national police clearance check, Fast Police Checks notes that the business is able to lower the risk of fraud in the company.

Increases security of the entire staff. When businesses make it a requirement to secure a national police clearance check, they are not only safeguarding their businesses but also the health and safety of their own employees. This improves employee satisfaction in return. Happier and safe employees translate to better work performance and, in turn, improve customer experience and satisfaction. It also helps lower employee turnover rates.

Trust But Always Check

Employers have the right to check on the background of the people they hire. Remember, workplace fraud cost business billions of lost income and opportunities every single year. This added layer of security allows them to also build trust and ensure that the safety of their own people comes first, therefore increasing business value.