3 Kinds of Corporate Web Filtering Solutions

Cyber Security Service Over 90% of corporate operations today are internet-based because of the convenience of being online. However, the very technology that hastens growth also poses a considerable risk to corporate data.

Cybersecurity is a real danger. In the past, firewalls were enough to protect your company from online security threats. But with the technological advancements and more than half of employees visiting non-work related websites, firewalls are no longer enough to block a threat. Advanced security measures are paramount.

Companies offering IT services in Texas might recommend web filtering to protect your company. Here are the primary types of web filtering solutions.

Client-Based Web Filtering

This solution involves the integration of internet filters on separate devices. It has a low upfront cost and is easy to circumnavigate, but each device needs to be updated and controlled separately. Client-based web filtering is cost-efficient and ideal for organizations with a small user database.

Server-Based Web Filtering

This solution is more practical for large organizations than the first one. The web filtering software operates through the company’s server and need not be managed and installed on individual devices. Its primary drawback is the need to purchase hardware and pay for the on-site installation of the software. For organizations keen to avoid these expenses, a gateway-based web filtering software is an excellent alternative since it is installed on your existing hardware.

Cloud-Based Web Filtering

This solution works in much the same way as gateway-based web filtering. Unlike the latter, however, it involves no integration of the solution into your existing network. Cloud-based web filtering only requires that the DNS point toward its service provider’s servers, to access the security solution.

Many security threats are lurking online including phishing and downloading viruses and malware. These can block your access to vital information, compromise your clients’ data and affect your workplace productivity. With an efficient solution from the above, however, you can use the internet rest assured your organization’s computers are safe.