3 Essential Items That’s Vital in the Event of a Spill

Spill equipment set-up

The possibility of spills happening goes hand in hand with having an oil or chemical storage unit. Due to this, oil and chemical processing facilities should always be ready for such an incident. Here is a list of items your facility would find useful when responding to a spill:

A Spill Kit

As the name implies, this includes everything that your company and staff will require to handle spills and its source. There are different kinds of kits meant for different kinds of liquid, so your staff should undergo training to identify which kind they will need for specific incidents. Know how big of a spill you would most likely encounter in your facility, so you can match the size of your kit to the cleanup needed.

Spill Response Training

Know which kit is necessary for each spill. While training may not seem to be a physical object, it’s still an essential aspect of clearing up and handling any spill-related emergency. Moreover, the right training can assist in minimising the damage a spill can bring to your facility, the environment, and your workers. After all, as a well-known 80’s cartoon series would always state, “Knowing is half the battle.”

Portable Bunding

This item is handy to have, especially when you do not have permanent bunds yet or when your permanent bunds are not enough to cover the damage. Argylece.com.au noted that portable bunding is easy to set up whenever needed and can be taken down easily, which saves space. Moreover, they’re not only emergency-only items, but can easily be converted to drip trays during non-emergency situations.

Being ready for spills reduces the amount of money and time that you waste in dealing with such. It also ensures that the environment and surrounding people will not be as negatively impacted on. Acquiring the above can help your facility ready itself better.